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Jade spa is the first luxury vintage oriental spa Manchester. A place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate Jade Spa offers a wide range of spa treatments including Traditional Chinese Therapy, Caudalie Facial, Caudalie Body Treatment, Thermal Spa and Hair Treatment.

Silhouette Diamond  Dermabrasion 

Diamond-Dermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliating or skin peeling face and body treatment. it use a diamond head to sweep over the skins surface to break down skin cells. it offers a precise, non- invasive means of skin exfoliation that is progressive rather than aggressive and it very simple and speedy produce immediate results. Diamond-Dermabrasion  is a non-surgical treatment to improve appearance and health of the skin. it provide a gentle, yet effective abrasion of the skin, to reveal a brighter, more even skin texture. while the focus with Diamond-Dermabrasion is on surface exfoliation, there is  also a beneath the surface action due to vacuum effect, creating anti aging results. It improve circulation locally and speeds the elimination of waste and toxins, also has a cellular regeneration effect, stimulating cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin. 

           Instant Glow (20mins) £25 

                  Facial Treatment (30mins) £30   

                   Book 5 treatment get 1 free!         


What type of skin is Diamond Dermabasion suitable for?

  • skin that tends to stay scaly or dry, superficial discoloration and brown spots, oily or acne prone skin( inactive acne only), fine line and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, age spots, acne scarring, rough texture, blackheads, sun damage, enlarged pores, chicken pox scars and hyperkeratosis( overgrowth of horny layer).

How many treatment are need?

  • Dimond- Dermabrasion is a progressive treatment, not aggressive. Although one treatment will promote a fresher, younger, smoother looking skin, generally results are acquired after the fourth, fifth or sixth treatment.
  • i.e: 6 x treatments for fine lines & winkles. 10 x treatments for more severely damaged skin.
  • sensitive skin should be treat once every 2 weeks.
  • after the initial course of treatments a maintenance treatment once every month is advised to maintain the improved skin condition.



Silhouette Microface Non- Surgical Face Lift

The Dermalift is a revolution new facial system for the lifting, toning and firming of the ageing facial tissue. it utilises an interuppted direct, micro-current with a square waveform. its frequency range spans 3-200 Hertz. Thus ensuring maximum benefit to those having the Dermalift treatment.The lower frequency setting enable the micro-current to penetrate deeply though the skin to the dermis level reaching the muscle fibre, and stimulating the facial lymph nodes. The higher frequency setting enable the current to act superficially, to stimulate the epidermis and improve the condition and texture of the skin. its action will induce comfortable, smooth tetanic contractions in the muscle fibres and stimulate the skin function and circulatory system.

Dermalift (60mins) £60

(30mins) £35

Book 5 treatment get 1 free!

Firming, lifting and toning of facial muscles, due to smooth contraction of the muscle fibre, speeds us circulation, increasing oxygen and nourishment to the area. enhance skin texture of the skin due to the increased blood supply causing turgence in the skin. improved stimulation of collagen production in the dermis, the speed of collagen production is increased by the activity of the fibroplasts that produce collagen. Reduces a double chin, lifts the corners of the mouth, revives he skin's ablilty to retain water and frown lines are softened.


 Dermafusion (20 mins) £20

Dermafusioni the infusion of specifically selected ingredients, which synergistically work in harmony to treat and prevent the signs of ageing. additionally, clients who need specific help for a variety of conditions, or just wish to maintain a youthful and attractive skin, can be comprehensively treated with dynamic products& treatment.


Eye Lift (30 mins) £25

Lifts the eyebrows and overhanging lids and dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are reduced. perfect add on with Dermalift treatment.


ADLA (10 mins) £10

The A.D.L.A is especially effective on those clients suffering from surplus water retention, dark circles under the eyes, soft, loose skin along the jaw line and chin, congested skin and perfect add on with Dermalift treatment.

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